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    Feb 2015

    Heinz formula

    Hi everyone, just wanted people's thoughts on Heinz nurture gold/original formula? My bub is 10 weeks old and has reflux and is quite a windy baby have tried nan pro gold, karicare, karicare allerpro and he is currently on nan comfort. He's been much more settled on this one the last few weeks but is now constipated and reflux is bad again have heard good things about Heinz...

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    Re: Heinz formula


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    Re: Heinz formula

    Hi Melly

    I'm sorry but I'm definitely no expert on formula - except for what we use at work (I work in a NNU).

    May I ask a question - and please there is not judgement here - but that seems like an awful lot of changes of formula for someone so young. We find (at work) that leaving a baby on a standard forma, rather than changing constantly, has more of a positive outcome.

    I understand that he is a refluxy baby, and many babies are to some degree. Is it possible that the changing of formulas over the last weeks has contributed? Is there perhaps a GP you could visit for further investigation on his reflux?

    Is he a vomity baby or does he just scream a lot? There are a couple of medications that can be used depending on what type of reflux bubs has.

    I know this is no answer for you, but I hope it helps in some way. I feel for you trying to find the right food for your baby - it's not easy.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Heinz formula

    Hi there
    All good re your questions so we changed because he had a bad reaction to them apart from the nan pro which he was just really unsettled with. Two of the changes were advised by our paed and they were the worst! I have been consulting gp and paed before any of our changes etc. don't get me wrong the nan comfort is definitely suiting him better but I'm just curious re Heinz as its got the pre and probiotics and thought that might help his windy gut.
    It'd be easier if I could just Breastfeed as there are soooo many formulas out there!!! Hopefully bub continues to improve.
    Thanks for your reply!!
    Ps he's on losec which is helping but not drastically

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    Re: Heinz formula

    Could he have a cow milk protein intolerance? My DS had that and formula just made it worse, in hindsight. He had the same issues as you describe. Can you try a goat or soy formula?

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    Re: Heinz formula

    This is the only one my son tolerated after try heaps. I just got the normal one. It's also the one I went straight too for my daughter