thread: Training with the Australian Breastfeeding Association... Have You Thought About It?

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    May 2010

    How much are the course fees? (I did look but couldnt find it anywhere lol). This is definitely something that interests me, I would love to be able to help women bf-ing and have thought about how I could never knowing these courses existed!

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    Jan 2006

    The cost is covered by the ABA, however you do pay an admin fee (annual), you need to be a paid-up member of ABA and commit to giving back at least 2 years of service after you qualify and maintain some level of involvement with your local group (e.g. running meetings, taking on a group role, organising fundraisers)

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    Mar 2007

    I'm currently training and should be finished by the end of this year (finally!). I took a long break from it after DD2 was born to enjoy my girls.
    I should be a qualified counsellor on the helpline and emails by the end of it. Just need to get it finished now.

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    Jul 2006

    Surprised, you are not a breastfeeding failure, you are absolutely a huge breastfeeding success. Overcoming obstacles to give your little ones breast milk for so long is an amazing feat - you really need to pat yourself on the back and be proud of how well you've done. And absolutely you'd make a great ABA volunteer with all that experience. One of the very active counsellors exclusively expressed for the long term with one of her babies and she is so helpful for mums in the same situation.

    DC, I trained while working ft the whole way through. It is a matter of taking opportunities to complete tasks and be involved, and if necessary making them (organising something for your group that you can take part in, at a time and place that suits you). I was very well accommodated with my time challenges. Also JF, about it being too late, my youngest had weaned months before I started training. It is never too late if this is something you really want to do.

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    Dec 2005

    Ive emailed the ABA about how to do the course. Ive had it suggested to me several times by friends and people I know but never thought my experience would be beneficial (I only managed to feed one out of 3 kids past 8wks and he was only fed til 12mths) but Ive chucked in my nursing studies because my real passion lies with midwifery (anything birth/baby related really) then I saw this post pop up! Im taking it as divine intervention as I had been thinking about what I could do now to tide me over until I can do my midwifery degree