thread: Mastitis with an older toddler - tips needed!

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    Mastitis with an older toddler - tips needed!

    Hello all!

    So i have woken up this morning with mastitis! sore, tender boob all down one side and bit underneath. I am so bummed! and also quite impressed...DD3 is 2.5 and was down to a quick (less than a few minutes) feed on both sides in the morning for the last 4 months...and i couldve sworn that there wasnt enough milk there to cause blockage lol.

    So i was really suprised to wake up this morning feeling so awful

    In the past i have had hot showers to massage and to feed baby like crazy, but DD3 is so not interested in the second option as basically there is not enough milk to be worth her effort other than that comfort feed in the morning.

    Do i just have to sit there now and massage it out??

    Wah! it hurts!

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    Re: Mastitis with an older toddler - tips needed!

    Ek Cassius you poor thing. Do you have a pump you could try to move the lump?

    A physio who does the breast ultrasound might be helpful too. It always works wonders for me.

    Maybe try a bath instead of the shower too, I could never move a lump in the shower but in the bath it seemed to work better. I also take poke root, but you'd have to get it from a naturopath I think, and that helps me avoid antibiotics, it also helps with the inflammation.