thread: Feeding tube to boob??

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    Feeding tube to boob??


    Just wondering if someone can help me out. When my bub is born, it won't be able to feed for around 2 weeks, and then it will be fed via a tube up its nose.

    Has anyone had a baby go from a feeding tube to boob?

    I'm worried that bub won't know what to do. Silly, I know. It's built into them to know to suck. But with bub being 4-6 weeks early, I'm worried.


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    It takes time. My bubba was 10 weeks early. Had a tube either in nose or down throat. When she hit 4 weeks we started her suckling whilst being tube feed. 3 weeks later we were home. They start the sucking reflex at about 34-36 weeks. Don't be disheartened if it doesn't happen first go they will get it

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    As the PP said the suck reflex comes in at around 34-36 weeks gestation. It took DS1 (30+1wk) 5wks 4days to finally suck feed. He had a very weak suck and also some other issues and was unable to attach properly without the use of a nipple shield.
    DS2 (34+3) went from IV/NGT combo to suck feeding within 4 days, he was fully breastfed by day 6-7.

    Each bub is different and some take longer the others. Arm yourself with a NICU LC early on, they are a wealth of knowledge and help.

    All the best x

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    DD was 5 weeks early and although she had a little bit of a suck reflex she was very sleepy and would not feed for more than a minute. She was fed via NGT for most feeds for her first 12 days but with us getting some BF practice in every day. I've gotta say, I really started to despair as for ages it felt like she really didn't get it and I couldn't keep her on long enough for a good feed. Then, just as the middies said she would, she kinda 'woke up' at almost 2 weeks (would have been 37 weeks) and pretty much over night started feeding like a champion (but still doing some top ups to ensure good weight gain so we could get outta that hospital)! Hope your bub picks it up nice and early for you, but wanted to share our experience and say stick with it, you'll get there! Also, I found skin-to-skin contact made a HUGE difference to her feeding, maintaining blood-sugar, stabilizing temperature... everything. With some midwives I really had to push it - ie 'no, I don't believe it's better for her to just leave her alone to sleep in her cot all day, I'm picking her up, stripping her down to her nappy and tucking her in my shirt for a while... do you want to grab me a blanket?'!!! The proof was in the great obs after every time I did this and how feeding picked up at these times. Hope that all makes sense - tapping this out on iPod. All the very best Hun.

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    I am working on this now and its not easy I can tell u that.
    My baby boy was born 8 and a half weeks prem and he has a tube in his nose (nasal gastric tube they call it) for feeding but I have been doing some breast contact with him most days and we were doing ok a few days ago but the last couple of days he's been really lazy with it. I intend on persisting as its been a great help with my expressed milk supply if he wont take to me I am happy to bottle feed him my expressed milk as I have plenty and I am loving knowing my body is able to provide for him while he cant feed himself. I am hoping he will have longer awake times to try to feed him as he sleeps ALOT but I know thats good for him too as its helping his boys grow

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    Just wondering how u were going?

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    Sorry its taken me so long!! Got an update in medical conditions.

    Feeding bub through nasal gastric. Going to be a few weeks before we can try breastfeeding.

    She doesn't have much of a suck reflex at all. She has a go with the dummy but gets tired after about 20 seconds.

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    Something my paed always said that I found very true, was that bubs not only need a lot of rest, but when they are ready to take steps forward, they do. So we learnt to take our cues from our little man (8wks prem) and he always took leaps, but only when he was ready. So we used to let him latch and be fed through the NGT as much as we could so he could associate the food with the breast. And as he got stronger he would have a little lick and suck while still getting the NGT feed.. seemed to help him progress!!
    Another interesting thing we found was that he feeds better in a really quiet place. Apparently after all the noise in SCN/NICU's premmies like the quiet and it works for us. Reduces the over stimulation which is what seems to tire them out so much.

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    A bit of an old post but reading it has helped me, we have to get 24 hours of suck feeds before the twins will be discharged at first having older bubs
    I though it was going to be easy - I was wrong, very wrong!
    They both show a little interest in the boob they have a lick every now and then Jackson I can get to hold the nipple in his mouth but Lleyton almost refuses to open his mouth.
    I'm feeling drained and deflated I just want them to be able to feed and come home

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    God, its hard work. I understand how you feel exactly. I mucked around with trying to feed Hannah for 4 weeks. I understand completely how draining it is.

    Sending you heaps of hugs.