thread: Tandem Feeding or Individual

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    Jun 2010

    Tandem Feeding or Individual

    With your twins did you tandem feed them and if so for how long? How did you manage this? How did you manage if you were on your own?

    Otherwise, did you opt to feed them individually and how did that work?

    Also how long did you go with BF your twins in public?

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    Oct 2006

    just bumping...I too would love to know the answers to these questions!

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    Nov 2004

    jas i just answered your other thread so hopefully my answer covered it all
    if you want more info just yell out

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    Nov 2009
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    I just answered your other thread too but one at a time feeding worked best for me, and this meant I could comfortably feed them in public.

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    Jun 2010

    Jas Im glad you got some answers, unfortunately we didnt get and dont have any answers and now its not applicable . All the best to you