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    Smile Saga Dawa Duchen

    Just wanted to do a little post about Saga Dawa Duchen (Vesak Day or Buddha's Birthday), because some people have asked about celebrations going on at the moment.

    First of all, Saga Dawa Duchen / Vesak (depending on where you are from/what tradition you follow) is a celebration of Buddha's life and death. Some people who don't celebrate Rohatsu also celebrate Buddha's enlightenment on Vesak.
    Some people celebrate on the new moon of Vaisakha (second lunar month on the Hindu calendar) which was May 5, or the full moon (May 20), some celebrate on the eighth day of Vaisakha which is May 12, and some people celebrate on April 8... the eight day of the fourth month (again it all depends on what tradition you follow).
    I celebrate on the eighth day of Vaisakha, following the Tibetan tradition.

    Celebrating/observing is not much different to most other Buddhist holy days, and it all depends on what tradition you follow. Some celebrate with festivities, giving cards, and feasts. Some celebrate by spending the day in meditation and fasting and follow the 8 precepts. Most people follow custom of bathing Buddha, presenting offerings, lighting incense and candles/lanterns and prayer.

    It's a pretty important day (it's a bit like Christmas and Easter in one), as we remember how the Buddha came to be in this life (born as Siddhartha Gautama), the way he lived, his words when he died, and his teachings.

    Hope that answers all your questions

    ETA: Eight Precepts...
    - abstain from taking life.
    - abstain from stealing.
    - abstain from incelibacy (no sex).
    - abstain from false speech (gossip and lies).
    - abstain from intoxicating drinks and drugs causing heedlessness (including caffeine).
    - abstain from eating at improper times (i.e. more than once per day or after noon).
    - abstain from dancing, singing, music, watching shows or plays, wearing garlands, using perfumes, and beautifying with cosmetics.
    - abstain from the use of high and large seats and beds (i.e. don't use needless luxuries)
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    thanks very much for that leash.. appreciate it...
    i'm a hindu but observe buddishm as well (philosophy is similar)

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    very interesting, thanks Leasha. Think I'll be picking your brain in the future, im very interested in learning more about Buddhism

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