thread: Help me decide...AKA Someone tell me what to do please!!

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    fly over, you may think the drive will be carthardic, but in reality you will be stressing, it will make the change harder. The flight is quick, its a clean cut. Ot will make the change, your new adventures much nicer and with a happier start I would probably sell the car too, great chance to start a fresh with a new car and new house

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    I drove Katherine NT to Canberra with my hubby straight down the centre... If I had the option I would have flown! Driving along those kinds of highways can be quite scary, and I cant imagine doing it with 2 little ones! I thinking flying is defs the safest option plus its just as fun looking out the window of the plane

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    I'd DEFINTELY fly considering there is very little difference on price, and think about the convenience and ease for you and your kiddies.
    Not to mention the fact, that like you say, something COULD happen to the car, and you just don't have the money for it, it's better not to take the risk of you really cant afford it.
    Like others have said, perhaps sell most/all of the furntiure too? It'd save you tonnes on moving costs, and you can buy new (2nd hand) stuff in melby on Gumtree or FB garage sale sites.

    Perhaps to save more money, sell the car, then it's even cheaper to fly over (dont have to transport the car) and buy one over there? Depending where you live in melb, you may not need transport *as* much, so can survive a few days without it.

    *hug* good luck hun, whatever you choose

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