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    Another thread on this topic by me. I've now been through the process of pre approval, putting an offer on a house, and losing the (my) house to a higher offer, so now I'm exploring other options.

    I'm looking at 1-2 years away now. Lots of decision making ahead.

    Has anyone built a shed home or kit home. To do this, then do interior yourself, is it as worth it in the long run as it seems?

    I have a few options.
    1, buy a block here where I am in WA. $10 000 gets me 900sqm, power, water, sewer all ready to go. Kids struggle to adjust & are settled & doing really well here, but I am lonely & would love to go home.

    2, build on mum & dads NSW block, but they're legalising their place soon (was a shack, they were living in it & building, but have decided to work on it & approve it instead). They are also mostly based in WA & may sell up in a few years. Approval & different rules & regs with 2 buildings, 1 title etc (10 acres, rural). I would likey opt for off the grid wind/solar in this situation.

    3, buy a block over there. Close to parents place, in town there is a block for $75 000 with power & water, but would need a septic, then build on that. Or $45 000 with nothing connected, both residential, but rural community, so not too strict on building types (shed home should be approved easy enough).

    Both second options I'm with in 30 minutes of my 2 best friends, but uprooting the kids again. There's no way I would be buying established over there. Not an option. East coast. Way too pricey. Even a little inland where mum & dad are. I won't even be able to afford rent there, which is why I'm looking at these options.

    So any knowledge on these ways to build, or any other suggestions would be appreciated. The logical option is to buy the cheap block here where the kids are settled & happy & save 50k or so straight up, but I am feeling the pull to go back home... and I need to be able to afford to live there. Rentals aren't guaranteed. My best friend has just been told she'll need to move after 7 years. We all know that was it for her. You'll get 3 years tops in a rental over there before they decide to sell/holiday let/move in etc.

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    I have no idea about shed or kit homes. But in deciding, I think it is important to consider the overall family happiness in deciding, but also you need to be happy. You parent best, live best, and your kids would be happier if you are happy. So long term I would be considering where you would be happiest most. The kids may take a while to settle with either option you make

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