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Thread: who is telling us the truth?

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    Default who is telling us the truth?

    So we are buying our first home, and have just finished the final inspection. The hinges on the oven are broken and the range doesn't work so the real estate lady said we can withold funds so settlement can still go ahead until someone can come in and fix it. BUT we then went to the settlement agency with the signed form saying these must be fixed prior to settlement, or to withold funds, and he said that doing that is illegal so settlement will probably be held up. So i don't knw who to believe :/ so now i am stressing out, we need to hand our keys to our landlord on monday, settlement was supposed to be wednesday and we were going to move on saturday and i am just over 6 months pregnant so i am stressing that i shouldnt be stressing, and the settlement agent was rude to me as well, he asked where we are moving from and assumed we were living with our parents still!! As though we are children! A-hole! So im really over this. Anybody know who i believe? xxxxxxxx

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    I don't think you can hold back money for something that isn't working, it's not like renting and doesn't work that way. I would trust what your settlement agent is telling you, whilst he may have been rude, he's probably right.

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    Default Re: who is telling us the truth?

    Did you have it has part of the contract? Under the 'special conditions' part? Unless it was agreed between you and the seller then they dont have to get it fixed. I thought it is up to you (the buyer) to ensure that what you buy is in working order or that you are happy with the condition of the property before you sign. if you have signed, then you are bound to that contract.

    have you spoken with your solicitor/conveyencer about your concerns? you might be able to delay settlement while you try to resolve the issue....maybe.

    hope it all works out well x

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