My first cesarean I was unplanned, but I had the baby early because of fetal death caused by placenta previa that eventuality turned into placenta abruption. The recovery was painful getting up and moving around and going pee for the first time.

The second one was painful too moving around and going pee, but I was up moving around quicker. I had a healthy baby girl. I had staples this time instead of stitches.

Well first two surgery's went fine. I was awake through the first one then at the end put me under because started to feel the doctor finish up on me. The first surgery probably was the long because of all the complications and blood loss. I had the same doctor both times and he did a wonderful job. Stitches the first time.

With my third surgery I was nervous about it from the beginning mostly because I had a new doctor because my other doctor stopped delivering babies. I had a spinal epidural again like my last one and everything seem fine when he put it into my back though it felt like he missed where he was suppose to put the drug in. Well I felt the tugging of the baby being taken out but, later I felt pain in my right side like the doctor had her elbow in my right side. It bothered me so much that I eventually was put under, but they didn't tell me and freaked me out when it went black and felt like I wasn't breathing. The whole time the doctor didn't know what was going on. She said the surgery went fine. My stitches look weird though. It was very scary and I felt sick after wards. I had a healthy baby boy.

I talked to the doctor and asked why I felt the most of the surgery? She said she didn't know I was in pain and said sense they couldn't give me morphine sense I get hives, maybe that's the reason (they didn't get me strong enough pain meds). Also my body is more sensitive from the other c-sections I had previously. What I think that went wrong maybe the spinal tap didn't work right.

I am happy that I made it out alive and the baby is happy and healthy, but that was a very scary surgery, I may have not been relaxed enough but all I know it felt like I was panicking and was kicking and whining feeling all that pain. I don't think I will have the same doctor if there is a next time. I ended up having nightmares after wards about the surgery.

I pray no one will experience the same pain I did. Best wishes and blessings to all!