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    So does everyone have this hang? Sorry to ask so many questions, I am probably going to have a CS as little miss breech so just trying to get as informed as possible.

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    I still had my hang no matter what weight I was. I actually found I preferred to be a bit overwieght as it filled in my hang and it wasn't as noticable. However my last c-section they did lopsided so now I have a hang that hands low to one side I don't mind it too much, only DH can see it and I don't wear bikinis so it isnt really an issue.

    ETA - starangelk have you checked out a website called spinningbabies? I'm not sure what you have tried to get your LO to turn around but there might be somethign on there that helps
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    Wow - I'm having an elective caesar and TBH the idea of the scar had never even entered my thinking until I saw this thread title and some of the comments. Was in two minds about whether to look. So glad I did. Now even less concerned. In my circumstances, have definitely made the right decision.

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    Is the hang a result of the c-section or just due to pregnancy? i am only one month out from a VB but have hang due to stretched skin, and i can imagine that it may not disappear not matter what exercise i do.

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    Its hard for me to tell now that I'm pregnant again, but I had the hang and I was back below pre-preg weight very quickly due to a lot of stress & illness after DS was born. I'm a really small frame and the hang was still there. Kate - I think you're right, the hang does have a lot to do with stretched skin - the thing that bothers me the most about my c-section scar is how it gives you kind of a permanent tuck in where the cut is IYKWIM? It alters the way your body would naturally fall and I think that contributes to the hang as well. My scar for me is more psychologically challenging than anything. I wear hipster knickers & bikini bottoms and there is no chance my scar can be seen, maybe mine is lower?

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    im a small person just on 5' and 48 kgs and i still have the hang from my c/s i think thats the only thing that depresses me about it now i cant get rid of it and my stomach just looks awful my first 2 my tummy went back to normal i had a few stretch marks but no biggie, now after DD2 my tummy looks like that of a 90 year old!

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    I really think it has to do with how you were cut personally. After DS, I had no apron at all but after DD I have an apron only to one side where the scar didn't quite go straight across, it went at an angle upwards. So I really think the higher the scar the worse the apron, if it's far enough down there's not as much fat there for the hang to happen.

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    It's amazing how differently everybody heals! I am very happy with my scar. It is a barley visable white line. As a result of an emergency c-section. I'll be having another one with this bub which I'm quite nervous about :-/

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    I'm like mumma Bella -very pleased with my healing and I don't have any hang. Look exactly as I did before havig bub. Well except for scar :-)

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    I'm like mumma Bella -very pleased with my healing and I don't have any hang. Look exactly as I did before havig bub. Well except for scar :-)
    Right after the operation I had a overhang it looked as if someone had taken a chunk out of me... I actually felt so depressed and although happy I had a healthy baby boy thought to myself "I'm going to need surgery to fix this".... needless to say as the months went by things flatterend out. I actually broke up with the father of my first two begining of 2011 and found dating quite easy and I was quite confident with my body! I never thought I would be :-D

    I do hope things settle back down with this c section. I mean my Mum has had two c sections and two vaginal births and it looks as though she hasn't had any children.