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    Caesarian section

    Well it looks like I may be having a Caesarian, but I have so many questions! Could anyone share their experiences? I am mainly worried about what happens in theatre, do I get to hold my baby as soon as he or she is born, and then does baby come to recovery with me? And can my husband be with me through everything?? So many worries and questions, starting to get really scared!!

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    Hi there,

    Just like with a vaginal birth you have birth choices regarding your c-section.

    Yes, you can request that baby is to be given to you (or, if you are too shaky etc then the next in line is your husband). Yes, you can request that baby follows you into recovery.

    Many mothers are making choices to actually even have first breastfeeds in theatre or recovery. this is the optimal situation for both yourself and baby as it really promotes the early bonding which can really help set up a more smooth transition to parenting.

    Your husband can be in there with you. It seems that what you will be having is called an 'elective c-section' (even if it is not your ideal...emergency is only used for when it is an unplanned go into labour and suddenly need one) so no doubt you will not need to have a GA (when you have a GA your husband cannot be in there with you).

    In my c-section birth plan that we wrote up I even included delayed cord clamping.

    you have many choices. i recommend that you do some reading from various sources regarding choices in c-sections. we have had a number of members here on BB have empowered experiences and have wonderful insights into how to make this the best birth possible for you and baby.

    And, i also highly recommend thinking about an Independent Midwife or Doula who can help both you and DH navigate this path. They are of wonderful benefit and support (ie, if for whatever reason baby has to go to SCN then either the IM or Doula can stay with you while your DH goes with baby etc).

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    [email protected] welcome to bb!
    congrats on your pg =)
    did they tell you why ypu are having a c section?
    it does differ in different places but you have a right to ask for things you want. if you have a spinal your hubby will be able to be present. tell them you want skib skin in theatre. it is something within your rights to get.

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    Depending on what your hospital and your ob are prepared to do, you can have quite a few choices.

    My DH was still able to cut the cord, I was able to hold DS2 in theatre, we were able to leave the vernix on to be naturally absorbed, and bub and DH were able to stay with me in recovery, including having a breastfeed there (in the first 40 or so minutes).

    We weren't able to do a delayed clamping, and DH wasn't able to be with me when they did the epidural, but most things on my list were accommodated.

    Good luck

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    in my case..

    My first c-section was an emergency...37 week check up they said i didnt have enough fluid, so i went straight to labour and they induced daughter got distressed and i had to have c-section........i had my husband and my mum in with me. I was shaking and feeling like i was going to vomitt so i didnt hold her by my choice and just had a quick look and then hubby took her while i was in recovery for an hr or more....

    Second section..i wanted to try natural, i went into labour also at 37 weeks and tried for around 10 hours but only dialated 1 cm and the dr isnt a fan of natural labour after sections and he was panicky and so i ended up having another section...i was also sick but i held her and had photos and then hubby took her up and bathed her but they asked me first and whether i wanted him to wait till i came up.

    This one i dont have a choice i have to have another section, this time it wont be emergency it will be book in.

    Theres a difference between emergency and they have to get in quick and get baby out and elective which is supposed to be slower and better, i think it all depends on youre hospital what there rules are. If you have to be completely knocked out for any reason no one is allowed in...but in normal c-sections you can have hubby and maybe one other..but that just depends...i have had my mum there at both. she came in at last minute. i stayed in hospital 7 and 6 days and recovery was all good for problems or complications..was on panadol by day 2/3.....

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    Hello, excellent ideas so far - look up mother or baby friendly c sections on YouTube to get an idea of what an "ideal" c section looks like. Then talk to your health care providers / hospital about what usually happens in their operating theatres and/or what hospital policy says "has to" happen - generally speaking these experiences are very different and you have to be quite forceful about what you want if you want something other than what they usually do.

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    Every hospital has different policies so ask your care providers lots of questions.

    I've had 3 at 3 different hospitals and all three had different policies.

    One thing I can recommend is asking if they will deliver the placenta with your bub. With DD2 hers was delivered at the same time as her. The cord kept intact. They wrapped her and her placenta up and gave her to me. I don't deal well with spinals but I know that and am OK with it so I'm good when DH hold's baby onto my hand for me. She stayed with me and then in recovery I unwrapped my new parcel applied her cord clamp and cut her cord myself. She fed straight away (well she pooed all over me straight away lol but yanno ).

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    Hey firsttimemum86.
    Congrats on your pregnancy. It all depends on which hospital you go to. Mine (pm me if you want to know) was fine with letting me hold DS straight away, even while they were stitching me up. Hubby held him the rest of the time. DS came with me to recovery for 1 hour and had his own midwife to look after him, who helped me breastfeed when he was only 1 hour old. He them stayed with me til i was back on the ward about 2 hours later. Only negative was hubby not allowed in recovery with us, so he felt like he missed out a bit, but he spent that time ringing everyone, as even though it was elective we didnt tell people we were going in. Really, a c section can be a positive experience. Good luck with your bub!! xoxo