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Thread: How Did You Prepare Yourself For Repeat C/s`s?

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    Default How Did You Prepare Yourself For Repeat C/s`s?

    I`m wanting to know how you girls mentally prepared yourselves for your c/s`s?

    I feel I was quite naive about all the risks involved with c/s`s when I had Matthew, I guess I put this down to the fact I was only given 24 hours notice before Matthew was born.

    Since then I have read about all the risks associated with c/s`s for Mum and Baby and to tell you the truth I`m quite scared about having another c/s, but I need to overcomes these issues so if there is anyone out there who`d like to help I`d love to hear your views.

    Take Care


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    Hi Dee,
    I'm not sure if I can help you much, this will be my 3rd C the first was an emergency so I had no mental preperation and it was a shock and it took me a long time to understand exactly what happend.
    With my second I had planned a "trial labour" but baby was breach at 39wks so I had another C although I was alot more prepared and relaxed, I think I just realised there was nothing I could do so I had to concentrate on the positives. I guess when you have the time to prepare you also have the time to concider the "what if's" so your anxiety builds and I was a little nervious I have to admit but the excitment of seeing my little baby was helping me through.
    This time around I struggled with the choices or lack their of in the begining, but some how as the weeks have gotten closer I've felt really calm and excepted what's to come, I can't explain it, I guess it's just hormones.

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    HI Deeanne

    I'm in a pretty similar to Tiff in that my first was an emergency but then my second was a planned c/s (before i was a BB member and had even heard of vbac and never questioned my ob when he said i HAD to have one). MMM I can remember feeling abit anxious but by the time the date came i was so uncomfy i just wanted bubby out. Got to the hossy fine but completely lost it once it was time to wheel me down to theatre - i was so nervous i was crying and shaking and was so scared about something happening and not seeing Oscar or DH again. I'm not sure how i will prepare for the next one to make me feel any better - i'm not sure if there is anything - will watch this thread with interest. My recovery from my elective was so quick and good and managed to bf straight off and hold bubby all the time etc so at least that won't be playing on my mind like it was after my emerg, which wasn't too bad but had a lot more scar pain for longer and more intense so recovery was alot slower and huge bf problems.
    Julie x

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    Hi Dee,

    im having my 3rd elective c-section in 12 days...i just stay very positive, think "happy" thoughts. Im the sort of person who believes if i think everything is going to be ok then it is. i really try to stay very upbeat even when im walking down to theatre! my dh and family do enough stressing so maybe thats why im the way i am, i don't think they would cope if i fell apart!

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