thread: How's your c-section scar 'x' months on?

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    Aug 2007

    you know, my muscles underneath feel ropey on either side, like they bunched it all together and then blanket stitched it all up, if that makes sense? I know what you mean about it feeling kinda empty right on the scar..

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    Jul 2005

    I don't scar well, so 7 1/2 years on it's still pretty obvious. But it's raised and white (same colour as the rat of my belly), so not overly unattractive. Not that anyone is looking at it (I can't even see it under the belly atm!).

    I never had any issues under the skin, with muscles, numbness, etc. it healed well and quickly. But since there are variations in technique from ob to ob (and c/s to c/s, depending on the mum and the situation), it's quite hard to tell what you can expect. I also did a postnatal class for at least six mths afterwards, which worked on strengthening the core muscles that would have been affected by pg and the c/s.

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    Jan 2007

    My scar is 11 months old and I forget its there most days.

    Occasionally do I get a pulling feeling, sometimes for a few days at a time.

    Mine is a thin white line. I do (still) have one tiny bit of 'scab' on one part - yet to come off & I don't want to pick it off. Not sure why it is still there...