thread: Planned c-sect vs emergency

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    Dec 2010

    My first I laboured for 14 hours then emergency c-s
    Knew no different recovery was what it was.

    My second planned CS but also after they stitched me up I was knocked out for keyhole gallbladder surgery.
    I hated my planned CS, I felt seasick , I believe it was because the epi was so fresh I was not the same numbness across my body I felt lop sided, it was horrid, I was actually relived when they knocked me out.
    The recovery is hard to compare because it was two surgeries in one, but I thought it was more painful.

    Am wondering how I'll feel with number three CS at a different hospital with no gallbladder to fail and need removing.

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    Apr 2008

    hey everyone, i know i am late on this....but, i had DS1 "naturally" but at one stage looked like was going towards an emergency c section and i was devasted. Eventually came out with foreceps, but still what i would call a "traumatic birth". It still upsets me to this day. Due to damage to my girly bits and mental stress, i choose a c section for DS2 from the onset, with a supportive hubby (as he saw what i went through) and OB. It went like a dream and i have no regrets. In terms of recovery it was FAR, FAR better than natural birth for me, but i had a 3rd degree tear. In short, i dont think you prepare mentally for an emerg c section, but with elective, you have 8 months to deal with it. I let go of my fears of what people would think - i mean hell, they arent the ones who would be ****ing themselves due to a prolapse huh! Good luck ladies, whatever you choose. J.