thread: [ADVICE] Challenging a driving infringement

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    Re: [ADVICE] Challenging a driving infringement

    I didn't get a photo when I appealed. Just sent my letter and waited

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    Re: [ADVICE] Challenging a driving infringement

    Not sure about Vic, but in NSW you're no longer allowed to run through amber (in case it turns red while going through). They may have been caught by a similar change. You can be booked by a police officer if you go through an amber light (ie after it has changed) and most of the red light cameras here also check speed as well. Not sure if that's relevant.

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    Re: [ADVICE] Challenging a driving infringement

    I thought the same as Jennifer. Amber is a warning to stop. If the light turns red as you go through it, then you didnt have enough time to get through.

    I recently received a fine for the same thing. I was turning right through an intersection on amber and it turned red. Apparently, it was red for 1.2 seconds.

    Recent changes have increased fines for accelerating at an amber light.

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    Re: [ADVICE] Challenging a driving infringement

    I got pulled over for running an amber light (mind you at really slow speed i wasnt speeding) Officer said running an amber is illegal and should only happen if it was unsafe to stop ie the car behind you would have slammed into you.

    After that i slow down at lights just incase it was gonna turn amber and i swear nearly everyone runs amber lights!

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    Re: [ADVICE] Challenging a driving infringement

    Entering an intersection on an orange light is actually illegal under the Regs.

    Road Safety Road Rules 2009, Part 6—Traffic Lights and Twin Red Lights, Section 57 (1)

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    Re: [ADVICE] Challenging a driving infringement

    You have to stop, if it is safe to do so.

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    Re: [ADVICE] Challenging a driving infringement

    I can't believe they have to pay for the photo! Here in SA they have to provide it if you request it's otherwise what proof is there of an infringement??