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Thread: Ford mondeo 2009 unleaded.

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    Default Ford mondeo 2009 unleaded.

    Hi All!

    I am posting for my sister who is currently having an issue with her car. Please bare with me as I'm only getting relayed info from mum who does get a little confused!

    Some engine light is coming on & staying on. They took the car back to ford who have said the reason it's coming on is because there's debris coming through and clogging it. Ford charge $30 a pop each time the car is put on a the diagnostic computer to remove the code. This is a weekly thing. Obviously not ideal. One of the ford service men had said it's from bodgy fuel.

    Is it common for unleaded cars to have an EGR valve?

    Something was also mentioned about the exhaust manifold? Apparently hers has a diesel Ford have quoted $1850 to put a new exhaust manifold on (labour exclusive) they've been told she has a diesel part in the manifold (I'm guessing the exhaust manifold)

    I am really hoping this makes sense to someone! Any advice? My sister likes the car but has had problem after problem and the ford dealers they're seeing have tried a to rip them off before so mums a little paranoid.

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    Default Re: Ford mondeo 2009 unleaded.

    i would definately seek another opinion. its better to be safe considering the cost of what they are saying is wrong with it. i can ask some of the boys at work on monday. they should be able to shed more light on this.

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