thread: Holden Captiva 7 vs Honda crv vs Mazda cx5 v Subaru forester

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    Just subbing as have a GF who will have this problem in a couple of months time and is on the look out for a new car. They have a Forrester at present. She will have a newborn 12 month old and 3 1/2 year old so she's having a nightmare trying to work out what to get.

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    Re: Holden Captiva 7 vs Honda crv vs Mazda cx5 v Subaru forester

    I'm coming in really late but I just bought a captiva 7 2013 so i hope i might help someone further down the track

    The middle seat is small so you wouldn't be able to fit two and then fold up the third to allow access to the rear - however with the full bench in use - you could fit three next to each other with a combination of seats. Atm our two carseats are very large ones but we reckon we could probably fit a rear facing in the middle without having to downsize to slimline.

    There are no anchor points in the rear for carseats however they are full seats for boosters (or an adult - lots of room). The problem does lie with getting them in and out with the middle row being in use. it is quite difficult to get in through the back (and the storage compartment lids aren't very strong as we found out the day we installed the car seats)...however it isn't impossible especially if you only have a 4-6 year old who will have lots of fun climbing in and out.

    We got the sx turbo diesel and we really love it. I do wish we had the dual climate control of the next model up but I couldn't justify the price for just that spec that I really wanted. However if you can afford it it is probably worth it (plus you get awd and front park assist which would be handy).
    You cannot get extra anchors added in for the rear as the boot is not not wide enough and those back seats fall into a 'crumple zone' area which means it will void the carseat of the safety that the anchor bolt provides.

    My FIL has approx a 2011 Forrester and there is no way you can get three seats across it. We went in it about a month ago and with our two seats (infasecure neon and hipod cairo) I just squeezed in the middle uncomfortably. I am very very slim and i had to sit so that my shoulders were angled to fit in. Even with slimline seats you wouldn't get them in.
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