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Thread: Minor accident - go through insurer?

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    Default Minor accident - go through insurer?

    So a really good friend reversed into our car. All is well, no-one hurt except the 2 cars.

    Question is, do I tell my insurer or just go through theirs? I want to make the situation as easy and cheap as possible for them. They are being really good about it and I have absolutely no doubt about them paying.

    I don't really know much about insurance world!

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    Default Re: Minor accident - go through insurer?

    I guess it would depend on your excess. Find out how much you both would be up for, especially with them at fault. They may only need to pay a little bit more on excess for both cars (eg, $)650 instead of $400. There'd be no point you both paying excess if one of you will get it cheaper together IYGWIM.

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    Usually if you're not at fault, you won't need to pay an excess, however most insurers will want you to claim through the at fault person's insurance. I would just ring the company you're with and see what they recommend. I wouldn't claim from mine if I wasn't at fault and knew the other person had insurance as it can effect future premiums.

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    Default Re: Minor accident - go through insurer?

    Get quotes for repair first.

    Don't tell them it's an insurance job otherwise they jack up the prices

    It may be cheaper in the long run to get it done privately than have them
    Pay excess and then have potentially increased premiums

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    Default Re: Minor accident - go through insurer?

    We have always just dealt with our insurer. They organised everything and chased up the the party with regards to their insurance. In one case we both had the same insurer.
    Never had our premiums go up or lose any rating.

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    Default Re: Minor accident - go through insurer?

    Thanks so much everyone!

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