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    FTB Advance payment

    I've never applied for an advance on the FTB before but we have serious bills at the moment so I logged on just before to see if I could apply. In the advances section it says "Advance payment update features are not available. You may have recent updates that need to be assessed and/or verified by Centrelink."

    Would this be referring to childcare benefit/rebate forms that I posted to them earlier this week? I can't think of another reason why I wouldn't be able to apply (don't owe them any money, haven't ever applied before, meet the FTB recipient criteria) or what else could be updated. Or have I missed some reason why I may not be eligible? TIA

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    Re: FTB Advance payment

    I'd call them. Maybe the system itself is/was down?

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    Re: FTB Advance payment

    That happened to me the other day too. I used my phone app to apply but you can also ring them.

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    Re: FTB Advance payment

    If you have level three access, put the app (express plus families) on your smart phone and apply that way. It may be a problem with online services. If that doesn't work, you can call and apply on Monday