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    So i seen on a site that the ccb rate is going up to 3.60 but i dont understand it. When i charge a family i work it out like this. Their hours times 4.6265 times their percentage. This works out the amount of ccb that will be paid. So how do i work out how much the 4.6265 will go up by. Sorry i am on my phone so it is hard to write

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    Are you a family day care provider?
    You should have the CCB hand book - stubby fat blue book. In the back there are the calculation tables specific to which child care type you are - ie family day care or long day care - use that to work out your new calculations.
    If you don't have it, I have it at work and could look it up tomorrow for you. As far as I can remember - (my computer works ours out!), you have to total the hours used for the family and divide and multiply a number of things together to work it out. The higher hourly rate means the family pays a bit less - usually this means centres raise their fees on the 1st July.

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    your FDC coordinator should provide you with a new calculation hun - don't stress on it now - you'll get the info soon

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