thread: PPL and running your own business

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    PPL and running your own business

    Hi all,

    I recall there being a figure of 2 hours per week that you could spend "working" on your own business and still be able to claim PPL. But now I can't find this info with an exact figure - does anyone know?

    Also, can you work for a few weeks after baby is born and then start claiming then? Or do you have to stop work from the birth date?


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    Re: PPL and running your own business

    From my own have to work atleast 10 out of 13 months before bub is born. And in that time work 330 hours. Work is anything more than an hr at a time, and yes your own bussiness counts if you are using it for financial gain or something.
    Look up the 'work test' for ppl. And please let me know if you discover something i didnt =)

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    Re: PPL and running your own business

    This link gives a pretty good explanation. You can OVERSEE things, small admin tasks etc. you can manage recruiting process for someone to reolace you. You can't be actively doing the same things as you we're doing while running the business before though.

    Paid Parental Leave Scheme

    Eta: there is no set figure you can work. Essentially ppl is to replace your income and really the expectation is that you are not working at all while receiving the payment. However the government don't want every new mum having her business go belly up either! So if you have to spend some time on the niggly things that others can't do (maybe paying your replacement employee or quarterly BAS statement) it would likely ok. But you can't turn around and pick up exactly where you were at. If your business is one that can be placed on hold (work at home mums selling hand made via etsy etc, or nappy/clothes makers etc) it is expected that, if you choose not to out someone else in place to replace you, that it would cease to function for that period from the date if birth if your child until you have received all ppl entitlement (18 weeks if you choose to receive it from DOB, longer if you opt for a later start date).

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    Re: PPL and running your own business

    Thanks BG!

    ETA Tt I saw your post - keep those legs together! :s My question was more about after the event, but thank you