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    My DD1 is 6.5yrs and was diagnosed with ADHD a few weeks out from end of school 2014 (so less than 2 months). I suspected possible ADD but not the hyperactivity. We have also found she has a receptive language delay which she is now seeing a speech therapist for and I'm told she will catch back up but may just need short bouts of therapy as and when she stops needs. Considering this she didn't do too badly at school, she was within the reading levels for literacy, much the same for maths. Only real area was her sight words she was a little low on for recognition.

    I'm wondering if the receptive language issue is causing ADHD type symptoms but then during times like the last few weeks where she has had me at my wits ends I agree with the ADHD diag. But still wonder if the receptive language issue can be sorted, will some of the ADHD symptoms also go away...

    The Psychologist has said the ADHD is only mild and will just need behaviour management, no meds.

    I'm wondering if there is anyone out there with the same type of diag for their child and how you manage. I also have a 1.5yo and my eldest just loves to annoy her. I've changed how I speak with her to make my instructions very simple, very straight to the point. She was doing well at the start of the holidays but now nothing is working. She is bouncing off the walls! Yesterday afternoon was probably the most relaxed she has been in weeks and wasn't bouncing around like a ping pong. She went back to school today.

    So far the psyc hasn't given me any management plan or how I should approach the issues we are having, so I'm kind of in limbo at this point.

    Any suggestions or feedback is appreciated.

    P.S. I hope I haven't babbled.. [Smile]

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    My son was diagnosed around the same age. He's now 10. He doesn't have the hyper tendency of ADD. He did speech therapy before his diagnosis. Like your daughter he was also good with his literacy and maths at that age, and was excelling his sight words, possibly due to the fact that we had already done the speech. My son is also a highly anxious boy and worries about stuff constantly, even things that might have happened 6/12 months ago. He is on medication even though his paediatrician thinks he's possibly borderline. We can see the difference when he doesn't take it.

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