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Thread: 7yr old with ADHD - been suspended from school :(

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    Default 7yr old with ADHD - been suspended from school :(

    DS is now 7, in December last year he finished the assessments and we were told he meets all of the criteria for ADHD. He's been progressively getting worse with his behaviour over the past 8 months to the point that us (hubby and myself) and the school are at a loss for what to do now.
    I've asked his paed CDU team for a trial on medication but we can't do that until the paed reassesses him which may not be until May.
    In the mean time yesterday he was suspended from school for yelling at the teacher multiple times and even throwing something at the teacher (yet again! happens at least once a week these days). Ironically he had a relief teacher yesterday, which he wasn't prepared for and she had no idea on what to do to prevent meltdowns and reactive behaviour (there was no communication between his regular teacher and the relief teacher or the other school staff and the relief teacher who are all aware of what to do when he reaches his explosive fight/flight point and how to prevent him reaching that point). He's suspended for 3 days and goes back to school on Wednesday next week. The school have suggested that we change things so that he only attends school for 2 hours every morning but that just isn't possible or workable for my family right now, there's no way we'd be able to collect him at 10:30am every morning and it would be far too disruptive and far too big a change in his routine for DS to only be going for those 2 hours.
    We have a meeting between the paed CDU team, the school and ourselves on the 4th of March to plan out how Jaycen's schooling will move forward and what things to put in place to reduce the risk of him harming someone else or himself and just in general to make life/schooling easier for everyone.
    I have no idea what I need to ask/insist on/request at the meeting - has anyone else been through this or can anyone give me some pointers towards things I can request/insist on/ask that I can write down so I've got everything organised for it? I'm out of my depth with this and I'm honestly really sick of banging my head against a brick wall trying to get the school to understand and listen to my concerns over his schooling and their treatment of him while there.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: 7yr old with ADHD - been suspended from school :(

    You poor loves. Sounds like the school is not overly supportive.

    A few questions.

    Did the diagnostic team give any written recommendations? If so, are they being followed by the school?

    What systems are in place to prevent meltdowns?
    Is Jaycen being taught to recognise when he starts to get upset?
    Does Jaycen have a "safe spot", eg the reading corner or medical room, where he can just go when he needs to?
    Does Jaycen require permission to access coping techniques? Eg having to ask for a fiddle toy.
    Is there home school continuity? So does the same behaviour get the same response in both places?

    How do the other children respond to Jaycen? Are they egging him on, encouraged to ignore, or do they buddy up and help?

    Hope those help and good luck with the discussion with the school. If they don't play nice, ask if he was excluded for his disability.

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    Default Re: 7yr old with ADHD - been suspended from school :(

    Some excellent advice^^^

    My DD is 6 in May and still being diagnosed with ADHD.
    We have a behaviour management plan and there is a set hand over procedure for relief teachers to avoid issues.
    We are lucky that due to amother childs needs the class also has a full time aide,who know my DD and how to help her

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    Default Re: 7yr old with ADHD - been suspended from school :(

    Great advice in this thread. I'm wondering if the school could/should provide a teacher's aide, at least for part of the day a few times a week. Are there certain triggers that cause problems (e.g. a particular subject, being tired in the afternoons, stuff like that)? As an adult with ADHD, I promise you kids with ADHD aren't naughty on purpose, there's stuff going on so if those things can be identified and dealt with, you should see an improvement in his behaviour. Good luck!

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