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    adhd or naughty

    sted*Today, 09:46 AM

    Hi**my 9 year old has been very naughty in class.**The teacher advises he is doing very silly things like disturbing other kids -tapping them on the back etc when on mat. Being a pest.**He has been sent out of room.**He also seems to be hanging with the bad boys.** He is so so shy. She seems to think he may play up to draw attention, kids may think hes fun, want to pkay with him etc.** I mentioned could it be adhd, and she didnt think so but said if it made me feel better take him to the paed.
    He is so so shy -he will not speak in class.**So smart with the best handwriting.**She seems to think uts naughty behaviour not adhd. He wont speak to any1 unkess they speak to him. I dont think hd reads peoples ques.** Maths and writing is amazing.**I would not say hes hyper -will occasionally be silly.**Doesnt seem to fit in.**He occasionally will be invited to a bday party but never pkay dates.**I worry that it could be adhd, . Anyone with a shy child, very intelligent but naughty in class.**The teacher is amazed how he is so good at school work but on the other hand can be so nauggty n play up in class.**At home he goes ok. Occasionally will talj back.**His xbox gas been nanned for 2 weeks and has accepted this.

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    Re: adhd or naughty

    Sorry, I found that really hard to read.

    If you are concerned, I would suggest a visit to a GP and they can refer you to a pead for an assessment.

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    Re: adhd or naughty

    If it were ADHD then it is likely that you would have similar impulse issues at home.

    Sounds like he is trying to fit in, but not quite hitting the mark.

    How far ahead is he in his school work? Is he being challenged or is he just completing what is asked of him and then acting up because he is bored? Have a look at some gifted children sights and see if you think that might be a thing to consider. A lot of gifted kids don't seem to fit in socially.

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    Re: adhd or naughty

    I have to say that it doesn't sound like ADHD, as that would be obvious at home as well as at school. It does sound like he is attention seeking, or doing it out of boredom! Maybe when they are sitting on the mat, he finds that is boring and wants to learn more? Perhaps he does need something a little harder for him to do, which will take him longer! It can be difficult for a teacher to gauge where everyone is at, perhaps ask what she thinks?

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    Re: adhd or naughty

    Regardless of what his teacher says (or whether his behaviour is the same at home, since environment does make a big difference) definitely take him to the paediatrician, ideally one who specializes in ADHD. You probably have a good chance of getting an accurate assessment but lots of kids (girls, mostly) have ADHD and are diagnosed in adulthood (like me) or not at all, which makes our lives very difficult. The quicker you can get the assessment done, the better. Good luck.