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Thread: I don't know what to do anymore...

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    Default I don't know what to do anymore...

    Hi all,

    I joined a while ago but haven't been online much and I finally had enough! I need help!
    I have a 5 yr old DS with diagnosed ADHD and what I think is ODD considering he has every characteristic of it. He's starting year 1 this year and still not on meds or anything.. I don't really want to put him on them but I'm afraid I've got no other choice lately..

    I've always taught him to be polite, use manners, don't be rude etc.. but the last month or so it seems he just doesn't care? I know school holidays gets to children and they star acting up but I'm literally at breaking point.. I have no idea what to do anymore.. just the other day he was kicking, hitting and spitting at the other children at vacation care, yelling at the teachers when they tried to stop him, and telling them 'no' etc...
    I've tried positive reinforcement, being mean, being nice, giving him treats, spending lots of time with him (to what seems to be no appreciation whatsoever).. I understand that he cant control a lot of the impulses he gets, but rudeness is definitely not something I've ever taught him, and he knows he never ever gets what he wants when he puts on this attitude with me..
    I would of thought it was just the ADHD making him do all this, but certain things he knows its wrong, like stealing a little toy from the shop or lying about brushing his teeth.. its like he doesn't learn from anything I say to him.. and I get that ADHD children find it hard to think about consequences of their actions, butt things that have been drilled into his head and he still goes and does it anyway.. knowing that he'll be in trouble for it..

    so much more I can write but this post is long enough I think!

    One more thing, does anyone know of any meetups or support groups for kids with ADHD or even just a normal mothers group for children his age around northern Brisbane... thanks guys

    Mel & Bub

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    Default Re: I don't know what to do anymore...

    Have you looked into diet? Hoping some other ladies can pop in with more details, but I've seen huge improvements made from changing a child's diet.

    Also, look into Triple P parenting courses - they're great, and you might meet some like minded parents for support. Also ask your son's school what they recommend - they may be able to direct you to support/parenting groups in your area. They should also be able to help you with some strategies that you can try.

    Hugs to you - it must be difficult and full on for you to cope with. Sounds like you're doing a great job and are keen to learn more. Hang in there!

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    Default Re: I don't know what to do anymore...

    Maybe see if there is a natropath near by, adhd can be, in part a gut issue, which they may be able to.advise on. Plus help you with.stress too hugs xx

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