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Thread: Help with chart please, first time ttc and confused

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    Default Help with chart please, first time ttc and confused

    Hi all

    I went off the pill at the beginning of August and have been charting ever since. I had what I thought to be a pos opk on the 18th, so i dtd... Can someone please look ay my chart and tell me what they think? My pos opk was the paper one but when i tested with Clear blue it was neg, so really strange? ive got no idea re my cycles as have been on pill for ahwile and missing the sugar pills so no idea when i should cycle

    maybe im preg? who knows... any thoughts would be ace! 458b58 Ovulation charts on

    todays temp prob isnt right as i had a terrible sleep

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    It looks like you ovulated about 7 days ago. Too early to test to see if you're pregnant. Test again in a few days.

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    It can take a few months after stopping the pill to work out how your cycle works. Charting is a great way to monitor it though.

    good luck

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