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Thread: no AF after d&c 6 weeks later

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    Default no AF after d&c 6 weeks later

    I had my 2nd d&c 6 weeks ago (CD37 ATM)
    My 1st d&c, AF cycle came as per normal 33 days.

    Any ideas how to bring on AF?
    Going to see the OB next week and FS week after and I know they will both ask about AF..

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    sorry to read about your recent 'bubble'.

    for my d&c last year, af returned just over 6 weeks later. sometimes it can just take a bit longer for things to get back on track.
    also, last year i had a cycle that was up to 46 days so my FS prescribed a medication to bring it on (i think it was provera... something starting with 'p' anyway...). took it for 5-6 days, then stopped - af arrived a few days after that. you could ask your OB/FS for something similar if you would like af to get here sooner rather than later.

    hope your af sorts itself out soon.

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    Sorry to hear of your loss.

    Have you tracked your cycle at all? Do you know if you have O'd? I O'd about a week late, so my d&c cycle was about a week longer than my normal cycles. If AF hasn't arrived by the time you see your Drs, they could test your progesterone levels to determine if you have O'd. If you have O'd, then AF will be on the way and it's just a matter of waiting. If you haven't O'd then you can use medication to bring on AF as Andie described.

    FX you don't have to wait that long though.

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