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    Welcome to the Charting Your Cycle Forum - The road to conception of a baby is sometimes long and frustrating. Unfortunately or bodies are not as easy to understand as we have been led to believe. Charting your body temperature and cervical mucous signs are a good way to try and understand what your body is up to!!

    Why don't you have a try? This forum is the place for all things charting - how to chart, how to recognise symptoms and to ask questions about your chart.

    Your Moderators of this forum are:

    Lenny - Moderator
    Nothing2Lose - Moderator

    Your Administrator of this forum is Astrolady. You can contact her by email or if you prefer one of the moderators.

    Moderating Team Contact Details
    If at any time you'd like to make a suggestion (which we always welcome!), provide any feedback for this forum or make a complaint, please contact her by email or if you prefer one of the moderators.

    We appreciate all your feedback as it does help to make our forums a much happier, relaxed place to chat! Your comments will be taken seriously and treated with confidentiality, so please feel free to contact us anytime!
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