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    My 11 month old son is starting childcare 2 days a week this week (eeeeek!). As he is formula fed I will need to provide bottles and formula for staff to reconstitute. He is on 2 different volume bottles- 200ml in the morning, and 150ml before lunch and in the afternoon (so that he actually eats his lunch and dinner).

    I'm not sure how I should provide the formula to the centre, as I'm worried they won't notice there are different volume bottles and make then incorrectly.

    I'm freaking out about returning to work and leaving them at childcare, and this is doing my head in and stressing me out!!!!!

    Has anyone had this problem? Any tips? Thanks.

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    You can provide them already mixed up and they will keep in fridge and heat as needed. Clearly mark them morning and lunch and it should be fine.

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    If you would rather not make them up then mark the mls for each section/portion on a bit of masking tape and stick on the formula container thingy (the thing that holds 3 portions) *

    *geesh DS was formula fed, you think I would remember it's name

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    Yeah I'd prob say pre make them or you can get bottles that hold the powder in them can't you??

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    Just check the childcare. My childcare won't let you send in pre made bottles. You have to just send the water and formula. I'm assuming you have a formula container with different sections? If so, maybe write on the side of the container (not the lid as it spins) what size bottle each portion of formula is for.

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    I would be really, really surprised if they weren't able to get the measurements right.

    I would imagine they make a billion every week, and would understand the importance of getting the measurements right.

    Be reassured - it will all be ok.

    It's understandable that you have concerns - we all do, when our babies start going into the care of others. But it's ok

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    Also don't be surprised if he's not that great at having bottles at daycare, we find that for some reason, bubs seem to decide they don't really want to take them all at daycare....always offerred though.

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    You could always color code the formula dispensers and the bottles somehow. On the formula we used to use it said to make up the bottles fresh just before giving them to bubs.

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