thread: How soon to enrol in kinder ?

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    Some of the other mums said their MCHN told them at their child's 2yo checkup but I stopped going to mine with DS1 (because she was hopeless) so maybe that's why i didn't hear about it. I'm going to a lovely MCHN now with DS2 who told me about the different council systems... she also is requesting DS1 file too so soon I should be better informed.

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    It definately depends on where you live as to enrollment procedures. I am out Yarra Ranges way and am on the committee. We take enrollments from birth and have the one form so with a choice of selecting 3 or 4 year old or both. I didn't enroll #2 until just before his 2nd bday and he only just got in. We still have a waiting list for next year.
    Alot of pre-schools do use a central enrollment facility usually run through the council.

    It definately cant hurt to make enquiries now, nor does it hurt to put your childs name down at a few centres (unfortunately there sometimes is a registration cost), just in case you dont get a place at your #1 choice.

    Good Luck.

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    hi, kinda new at this. just wondering i have 2 kids 2 boys and just wondering should i send my 2 1/2 year old to 3 year old kinder?? his never been in daycare at all. thanks hope to hear your replys soon.

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    Enrolments for 4 year-old Kindergarten depend on your local council. For example, the area I teach in accepts enrolments from March 1st of the year your child turns two (central enrolment forms - a system to choose up to three Kindergartens to put your name down for - are mailed to your home but are also available from MCHCs and the local council.

    As for three year-old Kindergarten, I find that it tends to benefit the first child in a family more than consecutive siblings (as they learn important social/emotional skills from their big brothers or sisters!). If they have never been to childcare/daycare before, then it can be that 'extra' stimulation some children need.

    Be warned that there are usually less places offered for three year-old sessions (ie, 20 instead of 25) and programs tend to fill up fast. Since 3YO Kinder isn't Govt-funded (at this point!!), not many local councils run enrolments centrally and queries should be directed to your local Kindergarten.

    Good luck on your decision, Kylie.