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Thread: waiting lists and problems getting daycare

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    Default waiting lists and problems getting daycare

    Hi there..

    Is anyone having real problems getting their kids into daycare? I hear waiting lists can be horrendous, especially for under 2s. Should you put your name down as soon as they're born?

    I'm in Sydney's inner west.. anyone know of a good centre?

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    I put Ds's name down with CC providers in my area the day after I found out I was pregnant!

    It cant hurt too and you just update your details when the bub is born.

    The worst that can happen is you might have to decline an invitation to accept a position if you aren't ready to put bub into care.

    Under 2's have a higher ratio between carer and children therefore it costs centres more to provide for children of under 2. Some even charge a different daily rate.

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    I'd put your name down as soon as you can, go see places. I don't kow about your area but here can be a year wait. one place a friend was on the list for 2 years.
    There main turn over is usually over the new year when kids move on to school and groups move up an age.
    Maybe go visit a few places get a feel for them and ask the staff what the waiting lists are like.

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    Put your name down early. 5 wks preg is a good time. where I work, this *might* get you in before the baby is 18 months old.
    Call before you go and look anywhere (or if you don't, don't get annoyed when nobody is available to show you around)
    DO NOT cry, beg or try bribery. It is a waste of yours and the Centre's time.
    There are loads of good places in Sydney's Inner West, but not a great deal of availability. You may have to settle for something second best if you don't already have your name down.

    Just telling it like it is.

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