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Thread: What would you do?

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    Default What would you do?

    I'm just looking for some advice/ opinions regarding my sons current daycare.
    I have 16 month old twins who attend 2 days per week. From day one there have been issues, most resolved but I am just having that feeling that we should move them.
    My current concerns are:
    - Most days we drop the boys off there is no one in the room, and we end up having to hang around waiting for someone to turn up, or go find someone. We drop off usually at around 7 and they open at 645
    - the boys nap times have completely been wrecked. They have always been fabulous nappers- 1-2 hrs twice a day, but they don't follow our routine despite being told that they would, and often put them down 2 hrs later than normal. As a result the second nap often doesn't happen and they are super grumpy come bed time.
    - a staff member slammed one of my boys forehead into a door handle accidently last week getting him out of his cot.

    Reading back these seem maybe a bit silly, but are these things normal childcare issues? Do I need to just suck it up?

    Thanks for your opinions. I'm torn about whether we should move them and disrupt them, or just stick it out and hope that things improve.


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    Default Re: What would you do?

    If it doesn't feel right to you, the reasons don't matter. If you find somewhere else that you like better, and feels better, then switch. The feeling of leaving your boys somewhere you're not comfortable can't be nice.

    As for those specific issues, the last one is just an accident. I'd be upset, but as long as there's an apology I'd be ok, I've done things like that myself and I'm sure the staff member feels bad. The first one, they know when you're getting there. They open 15 minutes before that, there should be someone ready and waiting for them. I'd bring it up with them because you don't need to be wasting time waiting or looking for someone.

    The second one would annoy me the most. I know they have their own routines, but at that age I'm guessing there's an adjoining room with cots, so it's not like it's a group nap in the main room and it would mess things up for them, surely they can put them down 2 hours earlier, when you ask them to!

    If those issues can't be resolved, and you're not liking it, I'd move them.

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    I would start looking at new centres. My DS's daycare was great to start with but then niggles came up, i found that each time something I disagreed with came up the more annoyed I got.

    In our case the food was substandard, management was appalling and never there to speak to at pick up time just to name a few. I ended up changing him after being at the first centre and I am so so glad I did. They are worlds apart and my son comes home happy instead of grumpy.

    I also feel good about his new centre and the guilt of substandard care is gone.

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