DS has allergies... soooo many allergies. Most of them are not very severe just inconivient if anything lol.

Anyway our allergist told us to continue as we were with traces of situations being okay. Avoid exposure to nuts. To continue to give DS small amounts of well cooked egg to continue to try to build a tolerance to it.

Now since DS started solids he has had poo troubles. I have another thread http://www.bellybelly.com.au/forums/...5/#post2883639 detailing some of our battle.

Our real issue began when he fully weaned at 20 months old (he is over 36 months now). No one looked into the cause, because of his age it was just assumed that it was psychological because he had a hard stool once and then held on and so the cycle began.

Recently a baby in the family fully BF has constipation issues severe enough to be fully investigated. Final result is they suspect food allergies coming through so severe as to affect her bowels.

This of course has me now wondering if its possible that among the other reactions that we have with DS allergies if his chronic constipation is not one of them?! I think some of this is psychological in DS now. I fail to see how it couldnt be with what he says to me. However if his parachoc levels are lowered too far he has very solid stools (STILL after 12 months treatment?!)

Maybe I am grasping at straws looking for a solution, looking for a reason for us to be going through this, I dont know

But if its possible for a month old baby, isnt it possible that this has been overlooked for DS?

(We have an appointment tomorrow to go over this with his GP and hopefully get a referal to a paed about his bowel issues)

(You can also tell me if you think I am reaching for straws. I dont mind )