thread: Childs Allergy - Fully BF - Soy & Rice Milk for me ??????????

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    Question Childs Allergy - Fully BF - Soy & Rice Milk for me ??????????

    DD2 recent;y had a reaction to yoghurt (the kids one) and i ended up taking her to hosp with hives, wheezing and a slightly swollen tongue and face...
    Now i was 100% sure it wasn't dairy i mean i eat a lot of dairy and she had never seemed to have had a reaction before but now it's got me thinking.

    1 - sometimes they say THEM ingesting it themselves and not through our milk is a trigger - is this right?

    2 - since the reaction every couple of days i notice small spots (similar to the hives but only 1 or 2 randomly on her hands, face, chest), at first we thought they were bites but we have bombed our house and she's still getting them.

    3 - the other day she had a milk arrowroot biscuit (she's had them before) but it was her 2nd for the day and she came out in hives all around her mouth.

    Now i am thinking that maybe it is dairy, she has always been a bit of a grumpy baby, maybe she also has an intolerance and i hadn't noticed?
    So now i'm wondering if the dairy she gets through my milk is starting to cause these mild reactions???

    Am i making any sense? I feel horrible, what if it is dairy and i'm making her worse.

    I have been told about Lacteeze by a lovely BB member so might give that a try and see if it helps her demeanor at all (in case of an intolerance).

    I have also just bought some rice milk and soy milk... whats the best, how do they taste and what are they good with.. ie is one better with say Tea & coffee than the other, is one nice to drink plain?
    I want to make an effort to see what helps her, i am waiting on an appt with RCH and am not allwoed to introduce new things to her until we do.. it's a PITA cos she's hungry and wants to eat but i can't introduce new things...

    Sorry if i make no sense.. so worried about her and what my milk might be doing.. now to figure out how to cut out cheese.... mmmm cheese!
    And oh no CHOCOLATE!

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    Hun, lacteeze won't help as this is not lactose intolerance. It could be an allergy to a number of things but the most likely is one of the cows' milk proteins. The very best thing to do is to see a dietician who specialises in food sensitivities. This way you can find out exactly what the allergy is to and ensure that you eliminate all the foods you need to, without unnecessarily eliminating other things. If you do to the dietician's association website you can search on speciality for food allergy and sensitivities.

    All the best hun

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    DD has a suspected dairy and soy protein intolerance... we both have oat milk, shes BF still, i only h ave a little cows milk in my coffee

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    there are lots of other options out there to dairy i wouldnt go soy as there can be an intoloerance to that too , but if you do , go organic . we have dd on rice milk and shes fine . but there is almond milk , oat milk etc you can try if rice isnt your thing . i BF dd for 16 mths with all her allergies/intolerances and didnt stop my diet . i should have but it wasnt until i stopped and she became a differnt child that it was affecting her that much .

    the rest of us drink zymil . as my ds has suspected LI . made a huge differnece in him .

    as for cheese there is a brand in woolies called tofutti . its in slices . its cheese made from tofu . my dd loves it
    also mrs flannerys ( or a big health food shop) sell dairy free cheese .
    and chocolate , there are a few brands of dairy free chocolate out there . not a bad choice , sweet william is one i buy dd as a treat . there is another brand and its tastier but i cant remember what its called ...

    sot milk is disgusting . rice is nice on its own , but nothing beast normal milk in coffee.