thread: Diagnosing Food Intolerances

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    Diagnosing Food Intolerances

    Hi there,

    Seemingly silly question warning...

    I've noticed DS' behaviour can change quite dramatically from day to day - he acts up and is less responsive to following instructions and can be quite a handful. I'm wondering if there may be a food intolerance? He was as good as gold on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the decline started yesterday and has carried over to today.

    Who would be the best person to see? Other than a GP (unless I must go for a referral).....?

    Thank you!

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    its quite possible, check out the additive 160B (i think!), its know for issues.

    my DD seems sensitive to yellow things ,which is what 160B is in, but ive herd dairy can do it too

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    The only real way to do it is with an elimination diet, and it's best to do that under the supervision of a dietician. good luck! It takes a lot of time and organisation to figure these things out

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    To start with keep a food diary and how he behaves on each day.

    As MadB has suggested, elimination diets are tricky and you really should see a dietitian. Talk to your GP as you may also be eligible for a Care Plan under the Medicare system which can include a Dietitian, psychologist, OT and other allied health professionals.

    A paediatric allergist would require a referral from a GP.

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    First read the book "Fed up" & "friendly foods". Both should be available from your library. Fed up has a website, and friendly foods is from the allergy department at the RPA Sydney.

    Next step is to find an allergist who specialises in food intolerances (very hard to find as most don't do it as it is just too hard). If you are in Melb I can PM you a name.

    Then you need to find a dietician who can support you in this - it is a lot of hard work and you need guidance into making sure everybody is still getting their nutritional requirements. Fed Up has a list of dieticians who do this. Once again, if in Melb I can PM you a name of one we are currently using.

    We are in the middle of it all, have been doing it since start of Dec. It is hard work, but it is short term pain for long term gain.. I already know some of the stuff I react to, and there is no way to do it other than a total elimination diet.

    Good Luck!

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    A food diary might help, but the problem with intolerances is that the reaction can be delayed - by several days even - and only occurs after you hit your tolerance threshold, so it's very hard to pinpoint the culprit.
    There is a dietician in Perth who specialises in this also - Joy Anderson - she does email & phone consults if you have a hard time finding someone locally.

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    Yael, can you PM me details. Thanks

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    Doh, I booked in with a naturopath.

    The issue I'll have with an elimination diet is the likelihood of DH continuing it when I'm at work (we work opposite hours / shift work)...