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Thread: Lactose/Dairy intolerance - help please...

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    Default Lactose/Dairy intolerance - help please...

    We are seeing a dietitian who suspects DS may have a lactose/dairy intolerance. She recommended to us to try A2 milk first as she has heard of some success with that, and then moving onto other milk alternatives.

    I have just been researching and reading about A2 milk and their site states "A2 milk is not a milk substitute. A2 milk is milk, and is not recommended for people identified as milk allergic." So what Im beginning to wonder is, if we are just wasting our time trying A2 milk. I also have a bunch of baking to do today and I dont want to be adding A2 milk to it, if essentially DS wont be on it for long anyway and therefore wasting a bunch of cooking.

    My other question is, I have seen some lactose free milks in the store that state they have changed the lactose to glucose and galactose and enriched them with lactase. Its at this point my head starts to hurt... Would that be better to use for the cooking rather than the A2 which essentially still contains Lactose?

    My final question is, would I better just avoiding both of these options and just going for something like rice or oat milk, not pretty, but lactose free for sure. We cant have soy alternatives which leaves us limited in our choices.

    Im so confused, has anyone dealt with this side of things before? Would love some opinions and suggestions. Thanks

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    I'd go straight to oat milk! I drink this and really like it as does DD2

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    Hi Abigail,

    First and foremost a big thank you for your detailed explanation in your other thread, and my apologies for not thanking you earlier .

    I am suspecting my DS2 is intolerant of milk resulting in constipation and eczema as his biggest trigger for constipation is cheese. I did read up on the subject and also came across A2 milk. We have been using it now for about 4 weeks together with a good quality probiotic and we have seen some improvement. He now goes daily on only 10 ml of parachoc. A couple of days ago I forgot his parachoc but he didn't get constipated and usually he would have been constipated after a missed dose. However I am not very strict as he does get biscuits and other products with milk in it. Maybe you could just give it a go for a few weeks and see what happens?

    ETA: the difference between A2 and normal milk as I understand is that normal milk has A1 and A2 type protein and some people with a milk protein intolerance can tolerate the A2 protein but not the A1 ITMS?
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    Almond milk is yummy. Find Mrs Nerd Burger for a recipe, we were only talking about this yesterday (you can make rice milk really cheap yourself).

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    If almond milk is as it sounds then we cant have that - nut allergy

    Thanks for that explanation Esme - that actually makes sense. I guess we will give it a go and move on from there if it doesnt help.
    And you're very welcome for the other information I hope it helps you continue to find your solution.

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