thread: Wheat intolerance

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    Nov 2011

    Wheat intolerance

    I think DS has a wheat intolerance. He's always been a very spewy, windy baby and a terrible sleeper. Started BLW at 6 months. Anyway, on Sunday and Monday he didn't have anything with wheat (not planned, it just wasn't on the menu) and he slept much better those nights. Last night he had a piece of toast and slept awfully. I don't think its coincidence...

    Any others have babies with wheat intolerances? Do they grow out of it?

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    Oct 2007
    Middle Victoria

    My DD had dairy intolerance and grew out of it. DS also had dairy intolerance, and now can have small bits, but still largely dairy free. I think he still has other diet triggers but not sure what they are.

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    Jul 2008

    I have a wheat intolerant toddler. I think wheat definitely affects his sleep!! He also gets eczema (just slightly) behind his ears. The naturopath said it is possible for him to grow out of it. We do wheat free for him 95% of the time and if we are out or just cant avoid it, its no big drama as usually its only a small amount that he will eat and that doesn't affect him too much.

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    Apr 2009

    DS has this, he reacts more as an intolerance than a true allergy. He has had issues since probably the beginning but they ramped up when he fully weaned at 19 months. DS gets chronically constipated when eating wheat and his eczema goes out of control. At the moment he has patches of eczema all over his body, his main areas are usually behind his ears, on his top eye lids and inner elbows. It gives him tummy cramps, though that could be due to the constipation effect. He has always been a bad sleeper with or without wheat. He has been tested for coeliacs as a precaution before we cut the wheat out. He hasnt grown out of it yet and he is 5 now. DS will react to it in bath products also, so if we use the Gaia shampoo he will get eczema on the back of his neck. We chose to go completely wheat free as he was suffering and it was easier for everyone.

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    Dec 2006

    Wheat intolerance

    Ds would come out in a rash whenever I had wheat while he was breastfeed once he started solids we avoided it the first 12 months but he can have it with no issues. He had reflux so I think his tummy couldn't cope with it along with dairy.