thread: DS or Leap pad2 - What to buy?

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    DS or Leap pad2 - What to buy?

    I'm thinking of getting one for my 5.5 year old DS for xmas. I'm not sure which one is the best one to get? Would the leappad be too babyish for his age? Thanks!

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    At 5.5, I"d be going for the DS for sure, perhaps even an ipad mini if you could afford it. The leappad can't even compare really, because they really are quite clunky and babyish kwim? My kids all have DS' (DS1 has the original DSLite which DS2 uses and a DSiXL with the larger screen and the girls have a DSi and DSLite) and they have been great. I know the trend now is towards ipod touches or ipads, but the DS' are absolutely fine IMO.

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    I agree with Trillian, if its in your budget an ipod or mini ipad would be better but a DS over the leap pad for sure.

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    I would not consider the Leap Pad for a 5.5yr old. Either the DS or ipad mini or ipod touch.

    My kids have an Ipod touch, they love it. They are 6 and 9. They also have a DS, it still get's used, not as often as the touch though as they like to listen to Music on their Ipod touch.

    It depends on your budget and what you want them to do with it. The ipad is virtually a little laptop.

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    5.5 I think a DS would have a longer useage. 3.5-4yo would be right for a leap pad

    My DD got a leap pad and she still uses it at 6 but I think its a little young for her. Also the leap pad requires 4 AA batteries which only last about 2-3 hrs of use, we have invested in rechargable AA batteries as it was ridiculous the number of batteries we would go through. And of course each time they need charging/replacing you need to remove two covers and fiddle about