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Thread: Head Lice Treatments - Getting Rid of Lice!

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    Default Head Lice Treatments - Getting Rid of Lice!

    Head lice seems to be forever going around, but here's some information to help you understand head lice and get rid of them for good!

    Treatments for Head Lice (Nits) - Kill Head Lice With Natural Treatments

    Feel free to share what worked for you, any stories or experiences.
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    I used to just use vinegar but last month we ended up having to buy chemicals. I tried neutra lice but that stopped working too and it was stinky. Bought ban lice. It's a mousse and boom works first go. Haven't had headlice since. Well actually my son came home from school with a couple in his hair so I treated and gone. Eggs and all

    It's a purple can

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    We found smothering with cheap conditioner, combing and then using hair straightener worked the best. My DD's scalps reacted to both the chemical and 'natural' lice treatments. Now they wear their hair up, I don't wash it too often and use hair spray to discourage jumpers!

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    Default Head Lice Treatments - Getting Rid of Lice!

    Just wanted to say, I used full marks spray on dd 3 days ago, and they hated it so much I could actually see them trying to escape. I put conditioner through just before I did the comb through to help catch them.
    Anyway, I knew there were still eggs, but when I went over her hair tonight there were still no live lice.
    Will try again on Friday just to be sure though

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    Default Head Lice Treatments - Getting Rid of Lice!

    I would absolutely recommend a robicomb. When I was about 13 I had lice so badly and nothing would get rid of them, we tried everything. It was terribly embarrassing as the infestation literally lasted for months. I was subjected to the normal natural treatments, to conditioner, to the old school kero and nothing worked until we got a robicomb and they were gone completely. I've already made the decision that when we start getting lice in our kids hair that I'll make the investment into a robicomb straight away because I really don't want them to suffer the way I did. I can't sing its praises enough!

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    We have just had our first and hopefully last case..... ewwww yucky!
    We are trying Neutra Lice, and hoping that will work..... how long will we have them for?
    I have also brought this spray stuff that you spray and comb through the hair everyday to prevent any more.

    I have washed all sheets, towels and clothes.... anything else i can do?

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