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    Hi - not sure if this is the right subforum but was after some advice about an infected milk pimple.

    My four week old boy had terrible hormonal ache from my feeding, which was no big deal. Unfortunately, one of his older cousins popped them and one has become quite infected. It has only come up red and angry looking in the last couple of days, more than a week after the cousin popped it. It looks like a big blind pimple that is just starting to get a head on it.

    Has anyone had this happen with their little one? I'm just cleaning it regularly and making sure no one touches it but should I be doing something else. While filling out a prescription yesterday, the pharmacist had a look and said it should be okay provided it doesn't get worse, which it hasn't yet. I'm just worried because it is on his cheek and I would hate it to go into blood vessels near his eye. Should I see a doctor or am I overreacting to what is simply a pimple.

    Hate second guessing myself all the time as you do with newborns [emoji20]

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    Second guessing is in our nature! If it's bothering you just ask your nurse on check up, or visit your gp.

    Not much other advice sorry x

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    Thanks little o. When I was washing his face tonight, the head was taken off and a lot of gunk came out. Hoping it is going to clear up now. If it isn't looking better in the morning I'll see the doctor. If it is looking better, I'll wait until our pediatrician appointment early next week.

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    How is it going foss? Is it healing up?

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    Hi little o. It is healing really well. The pediatrician said it looks like the infection is cleared. There is a small lump under the skin which will take a few weeks to clear. If it doesn't, we will have to go back to the doctor to get in cleared. This will be painful and reopen the wound. Fingers crossed that it clears up by itself.

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