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    dd1 came out with heat rash looking rash on Sunday, but considering how hot it's been I didn't think much of it. Yesterday though it had flared up and spread to her front as well as her back. She had been in the aircon all day so it couldn't have been heat. I took her to the doctors because thanks to dr Google, it looked a kit measleish. She is fully vaccinated, but I know it's not 100%.

    Anyway, they checked her throat, ears, chest, spleen, lover etc and all seems fine, just this rash. They put it down to either a viral rash or a reaction to something.

    A bit over a week a go she had what I assume is a bug, she had painful stomach cramps and runs for a couple of days. I figured maybe this rash is just a conclusion of this virus?

    Anyways, today it has spread up her neck into her hairline and is creeping up the underside of ether chin and up her chin a bit.

    I rang the doctors again but I can't get in till tomorrow. Any suggestions on what it could be? She has been a bit sniffly now today.

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    Is it itchy? Could you ring the heatlth line today and get their opinion since you can not get into your doctors. It does sound Viral with all the other sympotms but then again it could all just be coincindence too. That is not much help sorry.

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    No it's not itchy. It's like heaps and heaps of tiny little pimples, not all white though. Almost like goosebumps that are red and some white. I thought of ringing them but normally they tell you to go to the doctor but I went yesterday....

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    Could it be milia?

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    It's more red than that. I rang the help line and they just said to monitor it and take her tomorrow as planned. She's getting quite sniffly now, puffy eyes, miserable and the temperature is rising. She also has little red spots in her mouth.

    My poor baby.

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    If it was itchy, it sounds a lot like chicken pox, especially with in the mouth... I hope you have a decent night tonight and good luck at the doctor tomorrow

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    My DD had suspected measles years ago, only way to confirm was a blood test, we decided not to test, she's fully vaccinated too, hope your DD is better soon xxx

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