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Thread: 15yo to a high tea?

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    Default 15yo to a high tea?

    I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right spot, so feel free to move it elsewhere mods

    My DSD is 15 next month and called me over the weekend to tell me that she wants me to take her and one of her friends to a High Tea in Brisbane city for her birthday.

    I had a Google session yesterday and it seems most High Tea's serve alcohol at them and there are special sessions set up for kids under 16.

    Am I able to take her and we just not order the alcohol for the girls? Or are they generally adults only??

    Thanks xo

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    I went to a high tea when pregnant with DS and there was a group of about 6 teenage girls (probably 15/16) sitting there and having a beautiful time with their own high tea. There is mostly no alcohol - just teas and yummy food so I think it sounds like a lovely, grown up way to spend her birthday Especially when she is there with you. Enjoy!!!

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    Default 15yo to a high tea?

    It won't be an issue. It's just like taking kids to any restaurant meal, they won't be served alcohol but everything else will be the same. I expect you won't be the first to take a teenage girl to a High Tea, it's great fun!

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    Alcohol at a high tea? I assume that would be limited to champagne... but no, I wouldn't imagine your girl and her friends would have any issues as they just would not be able to order any alcohol but could partake in the rest of the delicious treats, like at a licensed restaurant when you take the family out for dinner.
    Hope they have a great time, I love high teas! Lovely to see young ladies desiring a classy celebration rather than just getting bucketed in someone's backyard on a Saturday night

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    it's a fabulous idea! like the others have posted they can choose between (usually how it works) some champers or some juice...

    lovely chance to get really dressed up and eat cucumber sandwiches and gorge on mini quiche...oh then the desserts.....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyuum.

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