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Thread: 3rd Birthday Party ideas for boys

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    Default 3rd Birthday Party ideas for boys

    Thinking a little ahead here , but the end of the year is such a busy time its like once it hits June its go go go until Christmas.....

    So Id like some ideas for boys birthday parties

    Ds will be three

    For his first birthday we had a jungle theme, for his 2nd , we did the Cars disney theme...

    He loves all things BOY and dinosaurs, what theme ideas? and what are some themes, best places you recommend for a party of 3 yr olds.... ? etc

    thanks in advance,

    Of course, no rush ... 6 months ahead of time really

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    We were going to go to lollipops disco for DS2's third birthday this year but they changed the date and DS1 won't be here for the new date, so still deciding on this years.

    Last year we has a pool party at the local pool which was alot of fun Good luck lol

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    We went to a play centre for ds1s 3rd
    No cleaning And unlimited play

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    We have a few miniature railway places around here with parks nearby. I have been to a few of those - great fun! Do you want to do something out or in? We are having something at home and doing a dinosaur theme this year (in October so miles away!) and I am obsessed with dessert party buffets right now and have found a few awesome ideas!

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