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Thread: DD wants a Bindi Birthday Party

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    Default DD wants a Bindi Birthday Party

    DD will be 5 in March and she wants a BinDi IrWin themed party...hmm not really sure where to start , location..thought a park or a bushy area, alittle secluded.
    I'm sure the party store wont stock Bindi party kits so I am really going to have to think it through. Any great party plannners around...I also dont want to freak the other kids out but did think we could have the roaming reptiles lady with all her "friends" come and entertain the kids. OMGoodness help please it only took me 4 years to make her cake myself lol and she hasnt really had any big partys to date so I dont mind the cost but would like it to be memorable

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    I haven't seen any bindi party things in the shops, so you might have to shop online for that. Start looking now as you've only got a couple of weeks.
    Definitely a bush/park setting. And the idea of someone coming with animals for the kids to see/play with is a great idea!
    Google 'bindi themed party', there's heaps of links!
    www dot birthdayexpress dot com has heaps

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    My goddaughter had her birthday party on the weekend just gone & it was awesome. She had "Feature Creatures" come out & they had a baby crocodile, snakes, lizards, insects & turtles (normally frogs too but her mum doesn't like them). Basically her mum had regular party food but added in crocodile shaped cookies that she baked. I made her cake (Piper's crocodile cake), it was fairly easy & there are stacks of patterns out there that you can follow. I think one of the woman's weekly cake books has one from memory too.

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