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Thread: Fairy Lights where to buy ?? ... Which do you suggest look best ??

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    Question Fairy Lights where to buy ?? ... Which do you suggest look best ??

    Hello all,

    As most of you know my DD is having an " In the Night Garden" themed 3rd birthday party in just over a week ... the party will be held in our large garage & i was wanting to decorate the inside of the garage with Fairy Lights but i don't have a clue as to which ones to get & where to buy them (& approx how much$ are they)

    Any suggestions will be soooo appreciated

    Cheers from Lorelle xox

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    I last got some fairy lights for a birthday party for DD a few years ago now, and I got them from Woolworths as it was the end of November so all the christmas stuff was in stock. I can't even remember how much they were.

    You could check out some hardware stores for them, or maybe somewhere like Big W or Kmart.

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    u could try bunning too, online too. get water resistant ones if using the out side sweet.

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    I found some cheapies <$10 at Bunnings in June last year. They had lots of different colours and shapes. Watch out cos lots of places have those lovely shaped ones but charge anything up to $40 for them which is way too much. I'd be looking at Target too.

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    Well, i have tried Target, BigW & Sam's Warehouse ... NO fairy lights in sight

    ... Next on the visit list is Kmart then Bunnings

    Where DID all the fairy lights go ....

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    I find they hide until Christmas. I'm pretty sure Bunnings have them though and they're not too expensive.

    If you can't find any do you or a neighbour have any Christmas lights tucked away?

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    OMG, Tinkerbell how did i not think of that ... i only own two sets of Xmas lights

    ... Oh, thanku thanku thanku ... off to the garage i go now to find them amongst the Chrissy stuff

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    Well, if your after Fairy Lights looks like BUNNINGS is the place to go

    ... There were about three different types (which is not their usual full range due to this time of year) ...

    *** They have a box of 150 bud lights (a mix of different colours), 13metres long and at a cheap price of only $7.90

    Warning though on two small areas of the strand there were bulbs not working but they still looked so pretty ... and for $7.90 i wasn't gonna complain when i could have paid a ton more for them

    P.S - I purchased TWO boxes seeing they were so cheap to buy

    (THANKS MARYDEAN for suggesting Bunnings !!!!!!!!!!!)

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