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Thread: Food for 2 year olds party

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    Default Food for 2 year olds party

    Has anyone got any good ideas suitable for toddlers and adults alike? We are going to be doing an afternoon tea type party. There will be kids there ranging from a few months-5ish + adults of course!

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    Fruit is good as there is such a variety around ar the moment. Maybe a few slices but at that time of day most of the children will not eat much and be happy playing. The parents will be happy to catch up and enjoy some adult company

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    Default Food for 2 year olds party

    Fairy bread, mini quiches, mini cupcakes, dips and veggie sticks, crackers and cheese, cake pops, feta and spinach squares, pinwheels, zucchini slice, spinach dip in bread!

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    little sandwiches, vegie sticks and dip, crackers,

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