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Thread: Games for 3yo birthday party

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    Default Games for 3yo birthday party

    We've decided to have DS1's 3rd Birthday party at home in a couple of weeks. All up I'm expecting about 10 3yo's and lots of adults. I'm thinking that it would probably be best to have a few things up my sleave to entertain the kids, rather than just leaving them to play with DS's toys (that could lead to a few meltdowns).

    It's hard to know what games are suitable for this age. At the moment I'm thinking pass the parcel, but that's about it... It's highly likely that it will be raining on the day (we're in Melb) so activities will need to be indoors. So, do you have any ideas? What did and didn't work at 3yo parties that you've been to?


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    How about musical freeze - they all dance and when the music stop the last one to bob down is out? You could also do whats the time mister wolf, or else the sleeping giant -where they sneak up to get a little prize without being spotted or caught by the giant. I would recommend anything where they all play - lining up for pin the tail type games don't work at this age because they have to wait for so long!

    Songs with actions can work too, so a sing and dance along.

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    Pass the parcel
    Duck duck goose (DD1 recently played it at kinder)
    Hide & seek

    Could you setup a drawing / craft table - buy one of those cheapo plastic table cloths ($2) and set up a little table with some glue etc - they could make a mask or give them a paper plate each to decorate.... 3yr old LOVE craft

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    Bubble machine. Keeps them amused for ages

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    Pin the tail on the donkey (or whatever your theme is, I am doing pin the heart on the cupid for a valentine's day themed party)
    Treasure hunts of any kind -I am hiding paper hearts
    I am filling a bowl with candy hearts and giving the kids chopsticks (or spoons for younger ones) to see how many they can transfer to their own bowl in 60 seconds

    I am also printing out some colouring pages from the web, mazes, join-the-dots etc and supplying crayons etc that they can do sitting at a table

    I could think of some more but DD is waking up from her nap!

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    Haven't read any replies so sorry if I am repeating anyone i know you mentioned it might be raining but all my mothers group kiddies turned 3 this year and the biggest hit was the jumping castle! Two parties had one and the kids just bounced themselves silly lol. Pass the party was another one but I did notice that the ones that only had a prize at the end for one winner were not well received by the little ones. The ones that had a prize in each layer per child were great, no meltdowns or tears afterwards!

    Have fun planning!

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