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Thread: help with birthday party games/food suggestions

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    Default help with birthday party games/food suggestions

    I would love some help with planning Nina's 4th birthday party next month. We've decided on a dress-up tea party and we'll be holidng it in a large park nearby.
    I'm currently looking at getting a kids entertainment group in to help keep the kids entertained. This is what they offer (taken from the email they sent me):

    All of our parties are designed with a specific theme in mind. We have so many games and activities! Once the party is confirmed, a party plan with activities and games is presented to you for confirmation. A dress up tea party would include dancing games, pass the kettle and maybe a cupcake game. I am just thinking out loud! I put a lot of thought into different themes, but hopefully this will give you an idea.

    We will provide:
    * Colourful Cheeky Monkey Club party invitations
    * Exciting Props for the games,
    * Music and a stereo,
    * a gift for the birthday child and
    * 1 x mystery prize
    So with that in mind, what else do you think I'll need to organise for the kids? Anything? The entertainers are there for 60 minutes. And the kids are majority 4 year olds.

    And food. What's best to serve, keeping in mind we're going to be taking it to a park.


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    what's a tea party without cupcakes and fairy bread???

    little sanga's and fruit kebab's

    sounds like so much fun hon wish I lived closer cause Id come

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    Ohh sounds great! 4yo parties are great fun! We played Duck Duck Goose, What's the time Mr Wolf with the kids and they had a ball. It was good as there was no winner as such as I have found that they still do not cope very well with this concept of missing out! I am sure there are other games as well but my mind is a bit blank.
    Honey joys and Choc crackles are always a winner with the big and little kids too.
    Have a great party!!!

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    Jodi this party sounds exciting!! I want to come. Maybe you could get all the kids to bring a teddy or doll along to the tea party as a 'guest'

    Just going to throw some extra little games you could play and of course some yummy food ideas.

    *What about a game of Pin the top on the tea pot? You could draw these yourself - but if your anything like me ask someone to do it for you

    another game you could form two teams- buy a box of sugar cubes and give them all a tea spoon but a table a couple of metres away and the two teams have to put sugar cubes on there spoon once at a time and run/walk and put it in the coffee cups. first team finishes wins?

    another game could be 'tea bag toss' get a tea pot or something and get the kiddies to each throw a tea bag and whoever gets the teabag in the tea pot get a prize.

    I agree with maz deff do fairy bread, mini muffins, sandwhiches cut into lovehearts/stars etc maybe some peanut butter and jelly, choc covered strawberries, mini scones with jam, for drinks you could put some apple juice or peach ice tea in a teapot and serve it.

    Good luck xx

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    You girls rock, thank you!!

    maz - for Heath, there's no party without fair bread, he loves the stuff lol. So that's a must! I wish you lived closer as well.

    mak - thanks so much. Will definitely write those games down.

    O&G - awesome ideas, thanks! Where on earth did you come up with those ideas, they're great!

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    haha well ill come clean one of my girlfriends little girl had her 5th bday a couple of weeks ago- and she had a 'tea party' party! and she played these kind of games
    she also played 'pass the tea pot' instead of pass the parcel.
    The food ideas - well i just thought about all my favourite foods!

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    Just a thought I use to love pin the tail on the donkey when I was younger... oldie but a goodie...

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