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Thread: Help me design Mason's cake!

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    Question Help me design Mason's cake!

    Hey guys,
    I have a big number 2 baking at the moment.

    This is really my first first things first, I am praying really hard that it rises well,and turns out of the pan in one piece!

    Then I would like to turn the top of it into a car track/road scene.

    All I could think of was to buy tic tacs as the lane markings for the middle of the road

    Can anyone else help me please? I guess I will be starting to ice it in about 45 mins

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    You didn't give us much time!!! The cake is prob already done but I looked in my WW book and it has a car track in red icing with grey rolled icing over the top, tic tacs down the centres, car chocolates (the foil covered ones) driving along and mini plastic road signs and cones along the way (out of a toy set by the looks of it). Can we have a photo of the finished cake?

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